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I've been listening to Alabama for the past 2 weeks straight. Ironic to find this on the front page! "Rollin down backwoods, Tennessee highway, one arm on the wheel!"

tylerghardin responds:

whaaaaat that's amazing!! yeah i LOVE that song. always been one of my favorites since i was a kid. they got really pigeonholed as the worst of pop country, and they have some syrupy ballad stuff, but i've always loved em. it's the stuff you grow up with...

glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the 5's!

Hey! You never told me that you used my audio! How awesome is that!? :D

Good quick little short there! Thanks for the credit! :)

m103904 responds:

no problem thanks for the good track.


I have to say... that this was a great spin, original spin mind you, of an old plot.

Good work.

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This is epic.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see this on the weekly top.

These levels are excellently put together, and offer a great amount of testing.

Great job!


You fixed the audio thing I talked about in one of the earlier ones. This one also shows some great improvement in the art quality. Also, the extra audio pieces you added fit rather nicely.

I like this one the best, you somewhat took all of your awesome ideas, and made them work. Nice job!


Well thanks for using my audio here! I greatly appreciate it!

As far as the animation, I think your artwork is pretty good. You've got a lot of talent!

I think however, that you should make the audio not restart each time you click somewhere, however, I'm not a programmer, and I don't know how hard that is.

Anyways, you've got a good thing here. Nice work!

JTmovie responds:

thanks for the review and thanks for making the song!

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This is downright gnarly man! Love this track! Gonna check out a couple others of yours.

Side note, try cutting off your bass guitar around 75 - 90 hz to allow more room for the kick to cut through in the mix. I noticed in a couple parts it became a bit muddy.

Excellent work yet again, thoroughly astonished at your progression!

carl565 responds:

Thanks man!

You've grown so much in your musical abilities! It's very cool to have known you while you were just starting out.

This is a really great piece! It's very well mixed/mastered and progresses very smoothly. You've improved in your composition as well as pretty much every other area too!

Loved this piece brother! Keep up the great work and never stop!

carl565 responds:

You never stop either dude! I just can't believe how long it's been since I found Newgrounds, and you and I have been critiquing each other's pieces pretty much through the entirety. Things have been slowing down music-wise, but I still try to make a song or two every now and again. Thanks for the review as always!

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Cock joke yes?

Is that a man jacking off blurred in the background of the lower left frame? I believe so...


This is awesome man!

Excellent stuff!

Lamplighter responds:

Thanks a bunch! Sorry for the late response, I never find these reviews until months later...


You have a crazy personality.

And it scares me... but I think your art is really good in this.

Nice job.

Sorrygirl99 responds:

thanks! :D

I can create melody, I can create a beat, but I'm not the one who creates the emotions you feel.

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