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I can create melody, I can create a beat, but I'm not the one who creates the emotions you feel.

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Lublub194's News

Posted by Lublub194 - April 1st, 2017

Been 3 years since I last posted one of these things.

Nothing's changed, I just felt like this should.

Keep on doing the things you do to do the things you do. Ya know?

Posted by Lublub194 - October 19th, 2014

Just a post to update the few of you who will notice:

I don't actually post content on here regularly anymore, instead, I've switched to a more mobile friendly source. From now on you can find most of my new content (and my bands) at:


One last thing before I go: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/590332?updated=1

Posted by Lublub194 - May 9th, 2014

I want to make sure you all know my love and appreciation for all of you!

Posted by Lublub194 - April 7th, 2013

http://weforgotourharpoons.bandcamp.com/album/tw o-faced

Go enjoy my album.

It's all 8 stringy and stuff. Go.


Posted by Lublub194 - November 9th, 2012

Hey, I've been gone a long time. Just moved to a new place, and haven't had internet.

Hope all of you fine gentlemen (and some ladies) are doing fine here on newgrounds.

To those it may concern, I just became the owner of this baby (see below) and have been working on a delicious 8 string album. So, here by the end of the year, I hope to have something for you all.

Love you all,


Well Howdy folks!

Posted by Lublub194 - November 4th, 2011

Guys, I have some serious issues, slenderman appeared to me last night, and now he is showing up in my house. Any advice?

Any advice on how to better the film too?

/* */

Slenderman is in my hosue.

Posted by Lublub194 - March 26th, 2011

Simply stated, This account has always been about experimenting, but I've decided that I'm going to start taking this account more towards my older ways. Back to classical.

I'm not going to remove my guitar pieces, but I will be placing further ones at a new place, one that I haven't decided where it's going to be yet. However, I plan to release an entire album on the new site.

Since nobody else reads this, I shall keep this here as a message to myself.


Posted by Lublub194 - January 14th, 2011

Woooohooo! I won 2ndplace for the winter game jam! I had such a little part in it, but I'm glad to have taken 2nd! Even without a prize!

Thanks to my teamates:

Austin Breed - Our excellent programmer!
Hiamlz - Our artist!

We had another artist, but I'm not sure if he ever showed up, and I can't find his page to link you to, but thanks goes to him too!

It was a blast, and thanks to a Mr. Mcmillen for 2nd place!

Thanks newgrounds!

Posted by Lublub194 - January 6th, 2011

Now I understand 95% of newgrounds are cheapos, and can't afford a simple .99$ donation.

If you have 3dollars though, this would be well worth looking into:


Metal Album for darn cheap.

Posted by Lublub194 - November 6th, 2010

I like life at the moment. Don't you wish you could capture this sorta time in a zip-lock bag, and open it on those days where you feel bummed?

I sure do.

But for now, I'll relish it :)